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****** Weekly Strokes Handwriting Analysis Newsletter ******

Based on the book:

" Do You Write Like A Self-Made Millionaire? "


Handwriting Reveals Your Success Potential and How You Can Improve Your Odds.Do you have what it takes to become a multi-millionaire or historical leader of people? Do you write like real estate tycoon Donald Trump or perhaps the visionary orator who changed the face of America - Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What does it take to go from humble beginnings to a life of influence, contribution, and wealth? Are you on the path to being a self made super success: having abundance of time, money, and freedom to do whatever you want?It isn't necessarily luck, hard work, or timing that makes you rich.In most cases, self-made men and women from all walks of life have certain personality traits in common.

Therefore, in completely different circumstances, cultures, and having different resources, these people make the right decisions that makethem rich. Are you headed in the right direction?
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I've spent much of my adult life researching this topic. I am insatiably curious about how some people lead a life of luxury and others, with equal or greater potential, choose a life of misery and poverty.

I am always asking the successful people I meet, what it took for them to get there.The answers vary and many weren't quite sure themselves how they had accomplished so much. But as I looked at their handwriting, certain patterns and themes emerged.In fact, with few exceptions and high accuracy, I can now spot a person on the path to greatness, just by looking at their handwriting. Likewise, there are certain different traits that failures often possess...

I have trained myself to spot those, too.I have narrowed down the hundreds of handwriting traits to what I believe to be the key personality characteristics that are common among achievers and especially self-made millionaires. (I should note that financial accomplishment is not my only criteria for being successful. In fact, many of the super wealthy no longer, or never were motivated by the money.

If you are planning super success in areas other than cash, read on... many of the same personality traits are relevant to the Martin Luther King Jr.'s and the Bill Gates of the world.)



Check out the signatures or real estate tycoon Donald Trump. Nice pointed m's and n's indicate his brilliance.Martin Luther King has an abundance of enthusiasm and high goals! Donald Trump/ Martin Luther King

US Senator John Glenn is also a national hero: the first man to orbit the earth way back in 1963. He wasn't a one hit wonder. He went on the hold a seat in the United States Senate and go BACK into space near his 77th birthday. Do you think he has ambition? Check out his t-bars and think about his success. We could all learn a thing or two about success from Mr. Glenn.John Glenn H

I'm going to show you some of these traits so you can compare it to your own writing. If you don't already possess the traits, there is good news. You can adopt them in your own writing and make them yours. It requires a little time, practice, and accepting two important beliefs

1) "I can change."
2) "My past does not equal my future."

If you can say that to yourself and it feels true... read on. You've completed the first step to wealth and success.You see, the past does not have to equal the future. So, even if you had a crummy childhood; if you had a parent who told you how dumb you were; if you had a mother who told you weren't attractive, etc. - none of that matters now. Because your future is completely up to you. Isn't that an exciting proposition? A fresh start.That is the first step to creating your future, put anything negative about your past behind you and leave it alone.

So, What Does It Take To Be a Millionaire?

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