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Newsletter Article:

" Do You Write Like A Self-Made Millionaire? ",

****** Weekly Strokes Handwriting Analysis Newsletter ******

Based on the book:


Before we discuss the personality traits that INCREASE the odds, let's talk about your beliefs, which are not necessarily revealed in handwriting, BUT JUST AS IMPORTANT.

Obviously, it would be nice to have a rich family. If you take out inheritance and marriage as the key factor for someone's financial well being, one important element is usually left - the person's
expectations and beliefs.

Do you believe...?

o "People have money"
o "Money is abundant"
o "I expect to have money and nice things" o " Money flows to good people ( and I am a good person)"

When children are raised with beliefs like these, it is only natural the child creates more of the same in his or her own life as an adult. Remember, you can choose to adopt those beliefs now. No matter
what your childhood was like. You see, your beliefs create your identity. Once you have the identity of a person of wealth, people and money flow toward you like water flows downhill... naturally.

What I'd like you to realize is no matter what your background, no matter what your education, you can achieve fantastic success. That's not just success in terms of money. You can achieve success in the
area of your career, your family, your hobbies. If you're an artist you could sell your works for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you're a mother, you can become a great parent. If you're an athlete you could achieve the gold medal or just perform at your best level ever. Whatever arena you're competing in, you can achieve great things. Money is only one symbol of success. Self made rich people simply have mastered the ability to exchange thoughts and energy for material things.

You may have noticed that I started this "personality profile" of an achiever with the concept of "beliefs". Yes. Absolutely essential. The combination of the personality traits we will discuss in a moment support, and often are directly related, to someone's beliefs about themselves. When you adopt some of these traits for yourself, you will find your beliefs changing for the better, too. (Even if you are already great!)

Now, there are many ways to change your beliefs. There are three fun sources I recommend...

  1. Change your handwriting (more on this later in this article and my personal favorite) (New : Change Your life in 30 Days Workbook and Tape. see: http://www.myhandwriting.com/change/chlf30dy.html)
  2. 2) Use advanced mental imagery like time-line therapy or NLP. We created
    two great audio cassettes called Belief Blaster and Double Your Income.
  3. 3) Read the Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.

Which SPECIFIC Personality Traits Do You Need for Success?

Successful and wealthy people vary tremendously in their age, race, temperament, working styles, and even ethics. Taking that into consideration, I have narrowed down the personality traits which
contribute to their success, no matter what their background might be.

Do a self-test as you read this next section. Stop, take a moment and copy this sentence in your normal handwriting. If you always print, go ahead and write it twice, once in print and once in cursive (even
if it is sloppy and looks like a fourth grader). Then, compare you writing to the people in the article.

Copy this sentence:

I said, "You and your silly rich monkey, do not go home to the zoo!"
I just might make my first million this year. That sounds fun. - Your signature.

 #1 Self - Confidence.

Now this may sound obvious, but if you lack self confidence - your lack of belief will be your worst enemy. What happens is at a fundamental level you lack the belief system that you can achieve
what you desire. For example, if you come up to the plate to hit a baseball and you lack confidence to know that you can hit it here's what happens. Instead of your mind thinking, "Bring it on you crummy
little ball, I'm going to hit you out of the park", what often happens is the dominant thought is based in negativity or fear. So your internal voice might say "I'm going to strike out. I just know it."

Now, that thought actually predicts the future because it sends signals to your muscle to miss the baseball when it's thrown.

If you lack confidence in any situation you put pictures in your mind of failing. And often, your body (physiology) gets depressed and sad because of the thoughts and beliefs that you have allowed into your brain. You miss, and therefore, you met your expectations.

On the other hand if you have true confidence that you are going to achieve, your mind works for you, not against you. When you get to the plate, your body follows the pictures that you had given it in
your mind. Which means you hit the ball in the proper direction, at the proper force. You hit a home run.

This happens to all areas. If you're in a restaurant looking at a pretty girl or good looking guy and you have confidence that they will like you, you will take the appropriate action and say "Hello".
You will come up with the right thing to say. If you're in a business meeting negotiating a price and you have confidence that you're worth a certain price, then they will pay you that price.

In handwriting analysis, confidence is seen in a couple of places. The most important location is the letter T. Write the word cat to check your own t-bar.

c a t

See "Cat"
Note: A T-bar crossed on the upper 3/4 of the stem indicates high goals and a good self image. The higher the better, but keep in touching the stem.

Above is Bart's bad illustration of a good/ high t-bar using the limits of text only. If you want to see another sample, go to

http://www.myhandwriting.com/traitdic/index.html - see my signature in the banner

(Bart Baggett w/ a high t-bar) or click on the trait called enthusiasm, another high t-bar illustrated.

You'll notice that people who cross their T on top of the stem (these are lower case T's) tend to have a higher self esteem, higher confidence and overall more sense of self worth. Therefore, although
in isolated situations they may be beaten, over the long term, they win. It's like a great general said, you can win the battle and still lose the war or you could lose the battle and still win the war. Confidence endures over small setbacks. So look for the high T bar in your own handwriting, and if you don't have a high T bar go ahead and change it now. We don't have time in this article to discuss all the benefits of Grapho therapy but literally, changing the way you cross your T it can affect your self image.

This is true in both our most recent national hero Astronaut/ Senator John Glenn and even actor Michael J. Fox. See Senator John Glenn, sample

Michael J. Fox, sample

Another way to look at your self image is the size of your signature. Obviously, a very tiny, tiny, tiny signature could mean a lack of confidence or your place in the world. (Capital letters, specifically, must be tiny, too.) And, on the other hand, a signature that is incredibly too big could mean some arrogance.

We see a lot of rock musicians and movie stars with huge signatures. Some are illegible. I like to personally recommend somewhere in between but the capital letters in your signature have to be strong
and bold. Often, when you see very big bold strokes of handwriting or when a signature is much larger than the rest of the writing, that is a sense of pride and ego saying "Hey! I'm worth it. Give me the

And I must be honest, I also have a healthy ego. I am someone who has written books and been under the spotlight on numerous TV shows. If I didn't have a sense of self importance, an ego saying "What I have to say is important. So listen up." There's no way I could have achieved the things I have.

So look for a underline in the signature. It is usually a good sign.When you see a bigger than normal signature, you see ego coming out.

If you look at my signature, I underline my name and make my t-bars as high as I can. But, I don't want to have a signature too large, I'm working on being more humble.

The next element of self made millionaires is depth of handwriting. This is hard to illustrate here, without an original. But it's real easy to notice if you just take your finger and feel the pressure of a sample of handwriting. I always flip the paper over and feel if the pen made and impression on the back side. (OJ Simpson's pen went through the page. Wow!) We include a sample of OJ Simpson's writing in our Standard Home Study Course.

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