" Do You Write Like A Self-Made Millionaire? "


Depth of Feeling or Emotional Intensity

The harder you press on the paper, the more emotion you possess, the more intensity, the more depth of feeling. Therefore, if you write very heavy on the page one metaphor is that you may forgive but never forget.

Now, interestingly enough, this is not always a great trait. In fact, very few of these traits in isolation are always good or bad. But, as you combine them together they have a wonderful result. I take that
back, the self-esteem and determination are usually wonderful traits.Of course, like anything... if it's taken out of context it could be bad. Determination and persistence, which we'll get to in a minute,
would not be good for society if it was part of a mass murderer's handwriting. I have seen this many times.

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The harder you press on the paper the more intense and enduring your emotions become. What I find in most successful self-made millionaires is that they get an urge to achieve something, and it drives them. It obsesses them. They think about it day and night. An accurate indicator of this trait is heavy pen pressure.

Test yourself: If your hand hurts from pressing too hard on the pen and paper, you are a heavy writer. If a copy machine has trouble seeing your pen marks because your write so light, you are a light writer.

For example, if you have strong emotional depth and someone angers you to the point of revenge or hatred, you will still hate them many years later. Likewise, if you fall "in love" with someone you'll
probably still feel deep feelings many years later. Even if the relationship has long ended. In some cases, as you know, the deep feelings are just as intense, but we label them differently after an ugly breakup. If you have lots of break ups in your love life, you will handle it much better if you are a "light writer".

One of the most pleasant personality traits that I enjoy in other people that I don't happen to have myself, is light handwriting. If someone has light handwriting, and if they get mad at you they forget
about it the next day. And likewise, if they're in love with you they may not be in love with you the next day. They just don't get too bent out of shape for very long. If they want to start a multi-million dollar business one day, the next day they may not care about pursuing the idea.

As you can see, this trait is like a "Turbo", it intensifies whatever emotion is present. Therefore, this trait can be good and bad. But, I find heavy writing is usually present with successful people involved
with long-term projects.

In your case you have to look at your own handwriting, evaluate your own personality, and decide which traits you have now that support your success in a positive ethical way and which traits do not. If
you do not have heavy handwriting, it doesn't mean you have to put it in there to be successful. If you do want to add this "intensity" to your life, please make this addition only after you look at all other
aspects of your personality. Remember, you are just intensifying what you've go. So make sure you have changed anything negative or bad...
or you're turning up the heat on the ugly part as well as the wonderful part.

*** Overcoming Adversity ***

The next trait is very important, and you'll see different variations of this personality trait, sometimes with different labels. I think they all work together. The three traits that I'm discussing now are
enthusiasm , persistence, and determination. Enthusiasm is shown by a very long stroke. Often in the crossing of the letter T. So if it's extra long, it's lots of enthusiasm. You ought to notice that the opposite of enthusiasm be a very short T bar perhaps on the left side of the stem, and that would be someone who procrastinates. Obviously if you procrastinate excessively you may never get around to achieving your goals.

c a t

Long T-bar indicates enthusiasm

Also people whose handwriting has very short T stems tend to start projects and not finish them. Which of course would be a lack of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the enduring emotion of excitement. (Some
men with that... you know... short endurance sexual problem... have t-stems that are just a dash - no lasting energy.)

Also, see other samples at:

Similar to enthusiasm would be traits like determination and persistence, although a little different in behavior, very useful and when they're all tied in together, you have someone who's very
powerful and usually achieves what they desire.

Persistence is shown by a double cross T bar, much like a star. If you think about drawing the star on the side of the Dallas Cowboy's helmet you go down, up to the left, never pick up you pen, and back
to the future. One metaphor for remembering this trait is someone hitting difficulty head on, going back into the past evaluating what works and what doesn't, and then coming back toward the issue head
on. Of course, all the while never picking up the pen.see "persistence" located at:

**** T-bar indicating persistence *******

When you see this in someone's handwriting, realize they are very powerful people who tend to hit the wall and then break through it with great triumph and success. The only downside is they often stay
on the same path too long when they realize there could have been another path with less resistance.

The third trait is determination. Again these all sound similar, and they are distinctly different in the handwriting. If you combine them all together you get a massively powerful result. Determination is
more of a physical drive rather than simply setting your mind on something and achieving it, like persistence. Persistence tends to focus on local goals and long term goals. Drive is a combination and
an addition of strong energy.

If you have a strong drive, you might get up at 5:30 in the morning and go home at midnight in your work. You could do that for weeks on end. You often see drive even in letters like Y and G that have
complete loops, but the down stroke is very heavy; a lot heavier than the up stroke. What you look for is any down stroke that is substantially heavier or even longer than other handwriting samples
or other strokes. I often see it in the letter T or M which is an unusual way to end a letter.

My friend Curt Hanson has the most dynamic sense of determination I've ever seen. I've shown an example here of a rendition of his signature. And notice that the last letters, t and n, go down far
below the base line.

See a replica of Curt Hanson's writing here:

curt hanson, sample

Curt had a unique experience that formed his strong sense of determination. [In fact in his case... survival.] When Curt was less than age three, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer that the
doctors considered fatal. Up until that point in the early '60's, no one had ever survived this form of cancer. Now, he did survive through the chemotherapy, the drugs, the surgeries, and the months of
recovery strapped to a bed unable to move his spine.

He has felt more physical pain than most soldiers could endure. He has been in and out of hospitals until the age of 20. I believe the development of the trait determination was a direct result of his
physical ailments and his mental decision to survive.I tell you this story with permission because he is so thankful that he is alive to tell it. He's one of the most happy, optimistic, and playful people I know. He says his attitude is such "because every day to him is a gift." His determination is unlike any I've seen.
Therefore, in his life, in his business, everything works out fine. Nothing is a struggle for him because he has overcome so much more. Is he a self-made millionaire. I'm not sure of his net worth, but he
will be if he sets his goals in that direction. Is he successful. Absolutely. A great marriage, a great business, and he is happy.

I've also discovered that determination of this magnitude is often a result of physical challenges when someone was young. So when you see determination in other people's handwriting understand that they are determined to meet all their goals and that it's also a level of energy in addition to persistence.

I believe the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Troy Aikman displays many elements of determination, and as you know he's a very successful athlete. He also lost many games on the way up to the top. He had to consistently endure, and throughout his time he's been one of the healthiest quarterbacks considering he's won so many NFL Superbowls. One of his autobiographies references a medical problem that he had to overcome when he was a child. So I do believe that strong determination is often dealt with and learned through physical challenges which is often why athletes become successful in business.
They learn to overcome and they take the same route in their business.NFL Champion quarterback Troy Aikman. Notice the double cross capital letter "A"... persistence and the long straight lower zone strokes... determination.

Troy Aikman, signature

Here is a short review of the success traits I've discussed so far...
We usually see determination, persistence, enthusiasm, high
self-esteem and confidence.

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